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Call for the creation of a community

Call for the creation of a spiritual community of the New Energy

Seeking Partners
for the construction of a mystical spiritual, vegetarian/vegan community in the wilds of the French Pyrenees.
People for whom spiritual growth (no matter which direction) belongs to their daily lives and for whom this is quite normal, because it pervades all her life. People who constantly deal with it and have already had experience with inner growth and especially self-awareness in any form. Each spiritual direction shall tolerate the other and that’s why everybody learns and grows with each other.

The community is not intended as a “dropout” from the world, but rather to help ensure that this beautiful planet and its inhabitants can live together more and more in peace & joy.
(And according to my previous experience, I believe that it makes sense that those interested should go at least in principle conform to my thoughts on my website.)

What are the people I would like to address?

Women of almost every age – young women who are inwardly wise – up to older women who are inwardly young (and wise).
Or men who have reconciled with their inner femininity.

Anyone looking for more info, can read on my website / blog more and send me an email from there: http://www.sternblueten.eu/ and http://www.sternblueten.eu/blog/?cat=7 .
Sorry, I didn’t manage to translate all my texts, but slowly slowly I will do it.

And please don’t be surprised: my responses may take up to 2 weeks, as I don’t have internet at home in the mountains, for that I need to visit my bureau in the next little mountain-town.

Some video-clips you’ll find here, it’s the 3. playlist, named Pyrénées-my paradise in Europe:


Lots of kisses from Lucca and as well from my three cats :-)


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