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Demo Version:


Details for the new web platform,

which I’ve sent to all people, who where interested to participate:

a computer/internet professional joined our team. He and Ole are just about to finish all the work that’s still missing to get the site finally into the net. Sascha has also been the one who programmed our content management system – to my opinion he’s a genius.

At the moment the existing texts are from my old website – not many, but finally we want the platform in the net – plus a few existing texts, pictures and videos from you – so we can start and everybody could see it in the web – and only then we can start to find new volonteer authors & collaborateurs around Europe & the World. We’ ve talked already enough about it, people need to see it to get an imagination of what it’s about.

Which ideas have you got yet?

Although we try to consider as much as possible, but I’m sure that we didn’t consider everything needed……….

Which texts, photos, movies, music etc etc etc. …………… have you got already, which can be uploaded?
Or what do you want to prepare until then?

We’ ll make plenty of advertising for the site, and after a while it will be anyway a self-racer – that’s what I noticed already with my old site and my youtube account.

basic ambition


Basic ambition of the web platform Stardances:
Collection, Idea Pool & solutions for a better future for Earth and humanity – for all that can serve humanity and Gaia to live in peace and unity with all people and nature
(rather than in competition & exploitation).

  • clearly sorted, so that everyone can easyly navigate

  • as professional as possible – because we want to be a professional platform for skilled craftsmen in their own areas of expertise (so no improvised colorful hippie-freak-spiri-tinkering)

  • and because we ourselves eventually also need money to live, we can also earn money or other income through this web platform.

  • we start with 4 languages – english, french, german, spanish – but our CMS allows any time extensions for other languages.


A virtual community of many authors, researchers and translators

  • where authors report soundly from their subject areas, in which they are familiar

  • from practice for practice

  • people who report from their own experiences

  • translators who translalte the texts into english, french, german and spanish

  • people who search the Internet to publish good news from around the world.

  • under “Offers” & “News” every member can publish his personal offer, if it’s in some way related to a positive new era

  • thanks to Sascha’s new Content-Management-System, each full member will get his own access and can always upload new material.


Top link bar / at the top of the page:

Our Offers / News / Who are we? / Photos & Movies / Chatroom / Personal Blogs / Useful Tips


Labels for the single flowers of the star vine:

Nature / Spirituality / Health / New Science & Technic / Time Signs / Happy Life


Chapters for the above star flower buttons
present state – but that can change and expand quickly – there will be constantly new ones later – and new branches:




New Science & Technic

Time Signs

Happy Life

Wildernes Spiritual paths Nutrition Neue Erfindungen Good News of the World Co-Creation
Agriculture Shamanisme Alternative ways to health Erneuerbare Energien Courageous people and visionaries Community
World of Animals Ascension & Enlighenment

Arts of movement

Sanfte Architektur Vegetarian Cookbook
Meditation Beauty Lösungen zur Müll-Problematik New Age
Channeling Body Grüne Städte Arts
Personal experiences on the spiritual path


Computer & Internet



Vegetarisches Kochbuch Profession

& Vocation

Freindship & Love


Section “Who are we?”

Each member with a photo or avatar as a button / link:

  • behind that multiple links / buttons:

  • which lead to the personal story / life history, etc. …

  • and another buttons to link to the personal blog (an existing one or new),
    as well as to your own website / Facebook / Youtube, photos, etc – if they already exist
    (if not, but desired by you, we may later help in the creation)


Section “Our Offerings”

That was the most tedious and annoying when creating the old website – probably because it’s just not possible with a simple program – after months of trying it became become Ok, but till now it doesnt look professional – the more people will enter with their offers, the easier the navigation and presentation has to be – we’ll see what Sasha will programm for us – he’s the genius and the professional in that field.

There will be for each offer an immediate possibility to Order – and the immediatest and easiest way to pay.
No matter for which products: consulting, services, downloading of text- or music files, workshops, meetings, inventions, books, art, music, images, photos, merchandise, etc. ……….

Call for the creation of a community

Call for the creation of a spiritual community of the New Energy

Seeking Partners
for the construction of a mystical spiritual, vegetarian/vegan community in the wilds of the French Pyrenees.
People for whom spiritual growth (no matter which direction) belongs to their daily lives and for whom this is quite normal, because it pervades all her life. People who constantly deal with it and have already had experience with inner growth and especially self-awareness in any form. Each spiritual direction shall tolerate the other and that’s why everybody learns and grows with each other.

The community is not intended as a “dropout” from the world, but rather to help ensure that this beautiful planet and its inhabitants can live together more and more in peace & joy.
(And according to my previous experience, I believe that it makes sense that those interested should go at least in principle conform to my thoughts on my website.)

What are the people I would like to address?

Women of almost every age – young women who are inwardly wise – up to older women who are inwardly young (and wise).
Or men who have reconciled with their inner femininity.

Anyone looking for more info, can read on my website / blog more and send me an email from there: http://www.sternblueten.eu/ and http://www.sternblueten.eu/blog/?cat=7 .
Sorry, I didn’t manage to translate all my texts, but slowly slowly I will do it.

And please don’t be surprised: my responses may take up to 2 weeks, as I don’t have internet at home in the mountains, for that I need to visit my bureau in the next little mountain-town.

Some video-clips you’ll find here, it’s the 3. playlist, named Pyrénées-my paradise in Europe:


Lots of kisses from Lucca and as well from my three cats :-)


The story so far

Spring, the trees beat out –


and I reboot by

Last autumn I’ve been still pretty optimistic regarding the starting community, then towards the end of winter I began to become somewhat disillusioned. Now I start by new, but differently than before. Requests came in constantly a lot – to my opinion probably because my texts sounded as if it would be quite easy to settle down here. When I posted my call in the internet, I assumed that the people, who would be interested in it, where people with practical experience in relation to community life and spirituality.

Most of those who were here expected an easy wilderness adventure without responsibility, and that’s what I then experienced here – including attacks when I tried to explain that it won’t work that way and I imagined it differently. But because I’m a good-natured personality, I didn’t throw anybody out and that turned out to bring me more trouble. I thought that I had made my wishes clear in my writings. But unfortunately, this was not so, and I was not accurate enough in demanding before the arrival of the people, since it was natural for me.

And I just didn’t expect that some gave false informations in the hope that this will regulate itself when they are here. Finally, I have spent the last year with people who are certainly lovely & nice, but they didn’t come for spirituality but because of the wildernes. To my opinion the problem is that “dropouts” often transfer their worldview that they have in their own personal heads, on projects that are outside the mainstream. And often young people understand by freedom, that anyone can do what he wants. Therefore, I am now completely dissuaded from taking beginners in terms of community life and spirituality. Ok, I myself am the one who created this, but I can learn from it and continue diffenrently.

My current plan:
Thank God, I am alone again with my cats and reboot, but I’m going to change a lot. I’ll put new calls into the network, in different words, unequivocally, specifically. This time I’ll seek in my own mind how I would feel the most happy and only then I think carefully about which people might be as enthusiastic for the same as me. My call will be completely new formulated. And now I’m searching in the internet places where these people could hang around.
Currently I try parallel to the new call on the Internet to finish the new website – also to get financial support from the state for our moneymaking project – the vegetable garden urgently needs care – it happens to me that I get bogged down and don’t know what should be done first, or what’s most important.

The physical part of the project lies in the Aiège, the virtual part of the project will exist on the Internet as the New-Earth-platform called “Stardances” – Details in the text before this one. The text is old, but nevertheless completely up to date and is in the starting blocks.
And both parts of the project belong together, are unable to live independently – and I really look forward to those requests who like both parts.

Of course, the authors of the website don’t need to live here, but most probably they’ll be here once in a while – and vice versa the people who want to live here, need to like the web project as well, because we will always have to deal with each other.

A short overview of my community calls:
I’m now living here in the French Pyrenees for over 6 years. At first I had sought the right place for years and at that time I also started the first call. But strangely I must have been described too realistic, because only people answered who thought everything is already well prepared. After finding the place, I enjoyed it extensively a long period and meanwhile prepared a lot for the coming community. Last summer followed the second call into the net, but I had put it in the wrong forums and accordingly people appeared, to whom my spiritual activities seemed pretty suspect. Now it totally amazes me why I mainly put it in rainbow-spirit or dropouts forums – now in retrospect it’s a complete mystery to me why I did it. Perhaps I haven’t had enough trust a year ago? Anyhow, I’ve learned a lot about how it doesn’t funcrion, LOL ……….

Yeah – new year, new luck! We are in the much praised 2013, the energy grows and grows …….. and I’ve the feeling that now it’s finally the right time – because suddenly things run easily and there are even women who call me all by themselves. At the end of winter I was pretty discouraged, but now it develops again almost by itself. Lately I contacted Mother Mary and asked for a clear sign – yes – I’ve got it and will now start again with fresh vigor.

I look forward to your mails! And to your suggestions on the project and friends of the new web portal!  And as always, don’t be surprised if my answers sometimes take a little longer time, because I’m not constantly in civilization with acces to the internet.

Lots of kisses from Lucca in the wild mountain


State of Activities / Spring 2012

Latest State of Activities / Spring 2012

Hello friends,

slowly but surely spring is starting here in the mountains, the elders bud, in the forest there are thousands of blooming anemones and primroses, the first violets bloom already and at last I can relish again wild salads. The wild cherry trees are just before flowering, they’ll soon sprinkle the hillsides with pink spots. But the forest in general is still bare and the high mountains in the distance still hold their thick winter snow cover. Like often here in March / April weather is quiet hot during the day while sun is shining, the moment the sun dissappears behind the mountains it gets immediately cool again – I had my first sunburn, no memory of the masses of snow in January / February. All and everything is bathed in spring feelings and my cat Tiger is already on women’s travel for days, after having impregnated intensively my other cat Lizzy. Once again I’ll hang my hammock in the trees and sleep again under the dazzling sky – oh wonderful life! I’ll be back outside cooking over the fire and resting in the evening cosily by the fire listening to the owls!
In the vegetable garden the first terraces are sown, but at time of the Ice Saints’s it will surely freeze again. 2 years ago we had as much snow, that even huge old trees broke like matches under the weight of snow, but they’ve provided me with firewood for the coming winters. The raspberries must be thinned and the preparation of seedlings for pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber needs to be done urgently and this year I definitely want to grow corn, potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. Most of the vegetable terraces are still completely overgrown with wild blackberries – in May / June during the rainy season they’ll hopefully be overgrown with vegetables.
The old fieldstone house that will become the community building, has served me as my winter home and is just pretty provisionally set up. Because of woodworm infestation I had to knock out almost all the upper wood, but I manageged finally to dry the stone walls towards the mountain, having inside the house now cosily dryness. And urgently a new kitchen stove needs to be carried up up the mountain, because the old one is simply too rusted to be repaired. Heating in wintertime has been quiet funny because the first hour till the whole stove had become hot, he puffed like a locomotive out of every hole, forcing me to windows and doors.
My neighbor community is going to pull up my 65-pound solar battery with their horse, then I’ll fix 3 solar panels and so I can finally install a satellite dish for Telephone & Internet. That’s a big hit, I’m looking forward to just sitting cosily at home writing and no more needing a city to have acces to the internet. The most important works to do now are the vegetable garden, the compost toilet and the horizontal base for my hut, that means digging in the loam – and since my back is not that fit any more, some friends will help me. For my first hut I chose the quickest solution, I’ll just build a pointed pyramid in double construction of small trunks. And when the main work will be done and rest will come, I’ll create in peace and tranquility a roundhouse out of cob-mix with round windows (in my mind it’s already styled).
My high side valley branches off the main valley in the Ariège. All around there’s only high forest and occasional goat willow – at night you can see only the scattered lights of solar bulbs that shine through windows – you hear owls calling, barking dogs or sometimes drum sounds. On the other side of my little valley lives a small community that lives self-sufficient since decades without the use of machines – all year round for a few weeks or months volunteers from around the world join them for working-holidays and some of them stayed in the Ariège, cause you can fall in love very easily with these wild mountains and its inhabitants! In the main valley live alternatives and their meanwhile adult children – almost everyone grows his own vegetables, many also have their own cheese or honey. Nereby is a small mountain village with a few shops, including a bio-cooperative, where surrounding farmers also sell their yields. Here occur wonderful festivities, I’ve never experienced during my travels such a wonderful sense of community even with complete strangers. And nereby are small Towns with weekly markets and shopping.
So, now things are ready to take off: the basic work is done, now slowly more people can roll along, I’ll put into appropriate Internet forums a call for community members (see text below). I’m looking forward to your reactions ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥! According to my feeling this terrain easily can cope with five homes (5 singles, couples or small families), so that everybody has enough privacy. And around would be also enough ground for sale. On my first call a few years ago (before I found this place) the incoming responses mainly came from people searching an already existing Community – now pioneers are sought to establish – I’m so excited!!!!!

Just contact me, we can start immediately:

1. Anyone interesting to help for a while

2. Anyone who would love to enter the project – if we are sympathetic and have a similar spiritual attitude to the world and communities

3. Whoever likes to contribute good ideas, I’m looking forward to your comments!

The program for the new site also is completed during wintertime, now I just have to learn to deal with it; with my lack of technical understanding that will take a few weeks. But then I can easily maintain the site myself and can post easily new texts, photos, movies and whatever I want. It will be multilingual and anyone who likes to translate is always welcome! We are also looking for more experts who can talk profoundly from their experience of life-art, spirituality, nature, art, alternative medicine or “New Technology”. It will be an information pool for the “New World” with reports, expert information, news and offers that could make life more beautiful, joyful, fun-loving and affectionate for everyone on this earth . Who wants to be part of the virtual community is cordially invited to join!

So, that’s all for today, I’m looking forward to your ideas and your reactions! And please don’t be surprised if no immediate responses will come from me, cause right now I don’t have yet acces to the interent at home, for that I have to go down every few days to the Ziwilisation.

Bye bye and “pleins de bisous” from the wild mountains from Lucca!

Pioneers sought

Pioneers sought

for a New-Energy Community Project in the French Pyrenees.

1. People who would like to have a working holiday mixed with wildernis vacation
2. People who want to settle down here – with mutual sympathy

I’m looking for lightful, life-loving people who want to experience actively their dreams of community in the New Energy midst of wild mountains. I live on one hectare of land located at 1100 m height 1 hour of the next street. The basic work is already done, there are: solar electricity, running water from the nearest mountain creek, an old stone house as a community building, everything needed for self-building of cob round houses, vegetable terraces in preparation and a market / festival project to make money. Most of the inhabitants in my valley are alternatives, some self-sufficient, half of them speak german or english - and around us wild mountains for activities.

I am looking forward for emails from everybody, who like me is blissful with simple wilderness living, vegetarian food, true wilderness, permaculture, use and exploration of new technologies and practical spiritual community!

If you want to know a bit more about the project, about me or the Pyrenees, just contact me: luccalucia@sternblueten.eu .

Or have a look at my website, there are also photos:
Please don’t be surprised, it’s a bit outdated - the new site with more and latest informations is almost finished and will be on the net in a few weeks.

I’m looking forward to your answers!

Fantastic News!!!

Fantastic News!!!

Hello and hi folks,

I’m incredibly busy at the time, so it will take a while until I can write again regularly. And that’s with a fantastic reason:

I’ve found my place! Hurray!!!!

It’s absoluty awsome - with stunning views: as far as the eye can see high forest, meadows, rolling hillsides and mountains - in the distance the 2-2800 meter high mountain range bordering Spain. A gladdening silence (if you consider bird-chirping and cicada-crying as silence :-) ) once in a while the barking of a deer, cock crowing & hee-haws of donkeys from the distance, and the bell-tinkling from flocks of goats driven past. Around the next hillock lives a dear neighbour, others are further down in the valley and on the other side of the valley.

I am now living at 1100 meters height – a 50-minute uphill walk from the nearest road (same walk downhill only about 30 minutes ;-) ) - the people who come to visit me here, really come because they want to see me.  The land is about one hectare in size, with (for this area) a relatively large old stone house (we’re just restoring some walls) – with a terrace, a large overgrown vegetable garden and forest. My tomcat is on cloud nine and another half-wild cat has also settled in my home with her ​​two babies – well, as I said, it is simply the absolute gorgeousness!
So, what’s next? I’ve to carry all my stuff up the hill and install a satellite dish for internet and telephone connection (solar electricity I fixed already). Right now I am clearing the long time unoccupied house and just make everything temporarily habitable. Also, I urgently need to take care for the garden (little bit late in the year), so that I can harvest my own vegetables and enough for stockpilling in wintertime. Wild vegetables and salads are already now plenty of it – chestnuts, oaks and wild fruit trees are also abundant.

Yes, things are progressing! Wow, I’m so blissed out! Here’s enough space for a lot more people! And if anyone of you wants to visit me here, write me! :-)

By for now and till the next time (hopefully with photos!), your blissful Lucca

First time published in autumn 2008

Call for a Community Place of Joy & Being here-now

Since end of 2006 I live in a small village in the french Pyrenees in the Ariège (near Andorra), where in the last decades enormous amounts of alternative people of any kind & nationality have settled and here are endless room, mountains & valleys - it´s a world of undreamed possibilities.

Here I want to establish a community place, where can happen events, seminars & festivals, where some people live permanently & others just for a while to take part or a break, where it´s possible to have community or retreat for the ones who want it - where vegetables grow in the own garden and where we will cook & sizzle, work & sing, feel & love, cry & laugh and make music & dance around the campfire - where children can yell & romp to their´s heart´s content & animals can neigh, bark & miaou however they want.

Natur here is that incredibly rich & striking beautiful that it doesn´t matter at all whether the weather situation brings brillant sunshine, pouring rain or snow or wraps the mountain tops in clouds like cotton wool - the high frequency of this mountainous country is simply enchanting. Crickets chirp, horses neigh, donkeys cry, sheeps bleat, cows moo & cowbells ring - sunshine & all weathers & stary sky you enjoy closly & vividly. Here in the low mountain ranges spring, summer & autumn are long & hot and winter brings a lot of rain, little snow & nevertheless a lot of sunshine. Further up on the high mountains & in Andorra the snow lies on the ground nearly the whole year. Spreaded all over the mountains are lots of smallest villages and in the valleys bigger ones with marvellous markets to buy everything you don´t grow yourself - or you buy duty-free in Andorra. The next big cities are Toulouse and by the Mediterranean Perpignan & Barcelona - the next airports are in Toulouse, Barcelona & a bit further north of it Girona.

Here are more lightworkers – such who know it & some who aren´t aware of it - for instance next door Ines lives with her children - born in germany and since 10 years in south france. We met years ago in Bavaria on a seminar – I visited her on my way to a client in Spain - came back – fell in love with the Pyrenees - and stayed.

I´m dreaming already since a long time of a place ike this & tried to find it all the time in my beloved Andalucia - but the wild-soft Pyrenees didn´t let me leave - till I finally got that here in the Ariége much more is possible - and the decision that now finally my dream could set off lets me shout inwardly with glee. I´m more a person of community: I lived alone and in different types of communities - I can enjoy life completely meditating alone - but much more I love the exchange and natural sharing of experiences and daily life which is possible in a loose community.

You haven´t seen me for some time in web forums (in my Hamburg-Times I´ve been in forums with the name “Sitar”), because up here I get no internet connection because of lack of thick telefone lines and you have to go to a bigger city for it. But I´m just finding out how it works through handy internet flatrate and bluetooth to my labtop.

I´m lookimg for others with similar ideas!  Let´s co-create a new energy place of joy and being here-now!

What I´m able to contribute right now is my constantly growing thirst for action - my enthusiasm for the pyrenees - great love for mankind - long-standing experience in cheerfull company in communities - an intensely tested ability to organize on favourable and unfavourable conditions - my quantity of experience in co-creating – knowledge from the world of finances - my constantly growing confidence in our new century - my art of cookong & my professional kitchen - my joy for life - and the money I earn at the time.

All our ideas & dreams together will decide in the end how it will be exactly – my idea looks more or less like this:

It should be a large terrain towards the south with distant view with forest, meadow & space to grow vegetables & exercise for horses – as well as own water supply (source, brook or small river) – if possible already with existing buildings to fit out – planning consents for wooden houses are got here relatively easy – and here nobody feels disturbed by people living in Tipis & Jurts – here in the Ariège people see life more relaxed and laid back – in the common used parts should be created office-, event-, dining- & day rooms, kitchen, workshops, showers, sauna, greenhousees etc.

Some will wish to live as a commune & others in their own houses – I myself prefere to live in nature in a weather-resistant, heatable 50 sqare meter jurt. Mostly people here heat with wood – for that there are cute little stoves as well as ultra-modern easy-cared stove heatings – and sunshine for solar technology is here even in rainy winter more than enough (municipal electricity-, water- & telphone supply of course do exist too in the Pyrenees!)

Now and again you hear of small or bigger areas – the Ariége is large & we´ll have to search for a while for the most suitable. Whether we buy or lease & which legal basis such as registered society or whatever we´ll choose will come into being – a legal consultant we have already: Tom has just finished his law studies.

Earning money here is a bit different than in a big city. The alternative people here for the most part have their own projects – they rent to tourists or offer capoeira courses – repair cars or offer construction work - cultivate vegetables or grow biologic seeds – pick wild herbes for cosmetic or keep sheeps, goats or cows – produce clothing, leather goods or wickerwork and have their market stalls for cheese, sausages & bread or whatever they produce & can offer – everybody just plays with his imagination & talents to earn his keeps. To cover our common needs I think of festivals, events, seminars & NewEnergy guests.

I still mull over more possibilities in my head – but I think, together with your ideas we will find out the combination which suits for everybody involved. How the region here in the Pyrenees looks like you will find out on our website http://www.sternblueten.eu/html/fotos.html under the Button “Fotos”. And to exchange about the present state of affairs we can fix dates in the chatroom on www.sternblueten.eu.

We’re waiting with rapt attention & curiosity for your ideas!community@sternblueten.eu -               (Author Lucca Lucia)

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