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The story so far

Spring, the trees beat out –


and I reboot by

Last autumn I’ve been still pretty optimistic regarding the starting community, then towards the end of winter I began to become somewhat disillusioned. Now I start by new, but differently than before. Requests came in constantly a lot – to my opinion probably because my texts sounded as if it would be quite easy to settle down here. When I posted my call in the internet, I assumed that the people, who would be interested in it, where people with practical experience in relation to community life and spirituality.

Most of those who were here expected an easy wilderness adventure without responsibility, and that’s what I then experienced here – including attacks when I tried to explain that it won’t work that way and I imagined it differently. But because I’m a good-natured personality, I didn’t throw anybody out and that turned out to bring me more trouble. I thought that I had made my wishes clear in my writings. But unfortunately, this was not so, and I was not accurate enough in demanding before the arrival of the people, since it was natural for me.

And I just didn’t expect that some gave false informations in the hope that this will regulate itself when they are here. Finally, I have spent the last year with people who are certainly lovely & nice, but they didn’t come for spirituality but because of the wildernes. To my opinion the problem is that “dropouts” often transfer their worldview that they have in their own personal heads, on projects that are outside the mainstream. And often young people understand by freedom, that anyone can do what he wants. Therefore, I am now completely dissuaded from taking beginners in terms of community life and spirituality. Ok, I myself am the one who created this, but I can learn from it and continue diffenrently.

My current plan:
Thank God, I am alone again with my cats and reboot, but I’m going to change a lot. I’ll put new calls into the network, in different words, unequivocally, specifically. This time I’ll seek in my own mind how I would feel the most happy and only then I think carefully about which people might be as enthusiastic for the same as me. My call will be completely new formulated. And now I’m searching in the internet places where these people could hang around.
Currently I try parallel to the new call on the Internet to finish the new website – also to get financial support from the state for our moneymaking project – the vegetable garden urgently needs care – it happens to me that I get bogged down and don’t know what should be done first, or what’s most important.

The physical part of the project lies in the Aiège, the virtual part of the project will exist on the Internet as the New-Earth-platform called “Stardances” – Details in the text before this one. The text is old, but nevertheless completely up to date and is in the starting blocks.
And both parts of the project belong together, are unable to live independently – and I really look forward to those requests who like both parts.

Of course, the authors of the website don’t need to live here, but most probably they’ll be here once in a while – and vice versa the people who want to live here, need to like the web project as well, because we will always have to deal with each other.

A short overview of my community calls:
I’m now living here in the French Pyrenees for over 6 years. At first I had sought the right place for years and at that time I also started the first call. But strangely I must have been described too realistic, because only people answered who thought everything is already well prepared. After finding the place, I enjoyed it extensively a long period and meanwhile prepared a lot for the coming community. Last summer followed the second call into the net, but I had put it in the wrong forums and accordingly people appeared, to whom my spiritual activities seemed pretty suspect. Now it totally amazes me why I mainly put it in rainbow-spirit or dropouts forums – now in retrospect it’s a complete mystery to me why I did it. Perhaps I haven’t had enough trust a year ago? Anyhow, I’ve learned a lot about how it doesn’t funcrion, LOL ……….

Yeah – new year, new luck! We are in the much praised 2013, the energy grows and grows …….. and I’ve the feeling that now it’s finally the right time – because suddenly things run easily and there are even women who call me all by themselves. At the end of winter I was pretty discouraged, but now it develops again almost by itself. Lately I contacted Mother Mary and asked for a clear sign – yes – I’ve got it and will now start again with fresh vigor.

I look forward to your mails! And to your suggestions on the project and friends of the new web portal!  And as always, don’t be surprised if my answers sometimes take a little longer time, because I’m not constantly in civilization with acces to the internet.

Lots of kisses from Lucca in the wild mountain


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