Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar ———— Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar

First time published in autumn 2008

Call for a Community Place of Joy & Being here-now

Since end of 2006 I live in a small village in the french Pyrenees in the Ariège (near Andorra), where in the last decades enormous amounts of alternative people of any kind & nationality have settled and here are endless room, mountains & valleys - it´s a world of undreamed possibilities.

Here I want to establish a community place, where can happen events, seminars & festivals, where some people live permanently & others just for a while to take part or a break, where it´s possible to have community or retreat for the ones who want it - where vegetables grow in the own garden and where we will cook & sizzle, work & sing, feel & love, cry & laugh and make music & dance around the campfire - where children can yell & romp to their´s heart´s content & animals can neigh, bark & miaou however they want.

Natur here is that incredibly rich & striking beautiful that it doesn´t matter at all whether the weather situation brings brillant sunshine, pouring rain or snow or wraps the mountain tops in clouds like cotton wool - the high frequency of this mountainous country is simply enchanting. Crickets chirp, horses neigh, donkeys cry, sheeps bleat, cows moo & cowbells ring - sunshine & all weathers & stary sky you enjoy closly & vividly. Here in the low mountain ranges spring, summer & autumn are long & hot and winter brings a lot of rain, little snow & nevertheless a lot of sunshine. Further up on the high mountains & in Andorra the snow lies on the ground nearly the whole year. Spreaded all over the mountains are lots of smallest villages and in the valleys bigger ones with marvellous markets to buy everything you don´t grow yourself - or you buy duty-free in Andorra. The next big cities are Toulouse and by the Mediterranean Perpignan & Barcelona - the next airports are in Toulouse, Barcelona & a bit further north of it Girona.

Here are more lightworkers – such who know it & some who aren´t aware of it - for instance next door Ines lives with her children - born in germany and since 10 years in south france. We met years ago in Bavaria on a seminar – I visited her on my way to a client in Spain - came back – fell in love with the Pyrenees - and stayed.

I´m dreaming already since a long time of a place ike this & tried to find it all the time in my beloved Andalucia - but the wild-soft Pyrenees didn´t let me leave - till I finally got that here in the Ariége much more is possible - and the decision that now finally my dream could set off lets me shout inwardly with glee. I´m more a person of community: I lived alone and in different types of communities - I can enjoy life completely meditating alone - but much more I love the exchange and natural sharing of experiences and daily life which is possible in a loose community.

You haven´t seen me for some time in web forums (in my Hamburg-Times I´ve been in forums with the name “Sitar”), because up here I get no internet connection because of lack of thick telefone lines and you have to go to a bigger city for it. But I´m just finding out how it works through handy internet flatrate and bluetooth to my labtop.

I´m lookimg for others with similar ideas!  Let´s co-create a new energy place of joy and being here-now!

What I´m able to contribute right now is my constantly growing thirst for action - my enthusiasm for the pyrenees - great love for mankind - long-standing experience in cheerfull company in communities - an intensely tested ability to organize on favourable and unfavourable conditions - my quantity of experience in co-creating – knowledge from the world of finances - my constantly growing confidence in our new century - my art of cookong & my professional kitchen - my joy for life - and the money I earn at the time.

All our ideas & dreams together will decide in the end how it will be exactly – my idea looks more or less like this:

It should be a large terrain towards the south with distant view with forest, meadow & space to grow vegetables & exercise for horses – as well as own water supply (source, brook or small river) – if possible already with existing buildings to fit out – planning consents for wooden houses are got here relatively easy – and here nobody feels disturbed by people living in Tipis & Jurts – here in the Ariège people see life more relaxed and laid back – in the common used parts should be created office-, event-, dining- & day rooms, kitchen, workshops, showers, sauna, greenhousees etc.

Some will wish to live as a commune & others in their own houses – I myself prefere to live in nature in a weather-resistant, heatable 50 sqare meter jurt. Mostly people here heat with wood – for that there are cute little stoves as well as ultra-modern easy-cared stove heatings – and sunshine for solar technology is here even in rainy winter more than enough (municipal electricity-, water- & telphone supply of course do exist too in the Pyrenees!)

Now and again you hear of small or bigger areas – the Ariége is large & we´ll have to search for a while for the most suitable. Whether we buy or lease & which legal basis such as registered society or whatever we´ll choose will come into being – a legal consultant we have already: Tom has just finished his law studies.

Earning money here is a bit different than in a big city. The alternative people here for the most part have their own projects – they rent to tourists or offer capoeira courses – repair cars or offer construction work - cultivate vegetables or grow biologic seeds – pick wild herbes for cosmetic or keep sheeps, goats or cows – produce clothing, leather goods or wickerwork and have their market stalls for cheese, sausages & bread or whatever they produce & can offer – everybody just plays with his imagination & talents to earn his keeps. To cover our common needs I think of festivals, events, seminars & NewEnergy guests.

I still mull over more possibilities in my head – but I think, together with your ideas we will find out the combination which suits for everybody involved. How the region here in the Pyrenees looks like you will find out on our website http://www.sternblueten.eu/html/fotos.html under the Button “Fotos”. And to exchange about the present state of affairs we can fix dates in the chatroom on www.sternblueten.eu.

We’re waiting with rapt attention & curiosity for your ideas!community@sternblueten.eu -               (Author Lucca Lucia)

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