Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar ———— Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar



Demo Version:


Details for the new web platform,

which I’ve sent to all people, who where interested to participate:

a computer/internet professional joined our team. He and Ole are just about to finish all the work that’s still missing to get the site finally into the net. Sascha has also been the one who programmed our content management system – to my opinion he’s a genius.

At the moment the existing texts are from my old website – not many, but finally we want the platform in the net – plus a few existing texts, pictures and videos from you – so we can start and everybody could see it in the web – and only then we can start to find new volonteer authors & collaborateurs around Europe & the World. We’ ve talked already enough about it, people need to see it to get an imagination of what it’s about.

Which ideas have you got yet?

Although we try to consider as much as possible, but I’m sure that we didn’t consider everything needed……….

Which texts, photos, movies, music etc etc etc. …………… have you got already, which can be uploaded?
Or what do you want to prepare until then?

We’ ll make plenty of advertising for the site, and after a while it will be anyway a self-racer – that’s what I noticed already with my old site and my youtube account.

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