Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar ———— Utopie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar

Fantastic News!!!

Fantastic News!!!

Hello and hi folks,

I’m incredibly busy at the time, so it will take a while until I can write again regularly. And that’s with a fantastic reason:

I’ve found my place! Hurray!!!!

It’s absoluty awsome - with stunning views: as far as the eye can see high forest, meadows, rolling hillsides and mountains - in the distance the 2-2800 meter high mountain range bordering Spain. A gladdening silence (if you consider bird-chirping and cicada-crying as silence :-) ) once in a while the barking of a deer, cock crowing & hee-haws of donkeys from the distance, and the bell-tinkling from flocks of goats driven past. Around the next hillock lives a dear neighbour, others are further down in the valley and on the other side of the valley.

I am now living at 1100 meters height – a 50-minute uphill walk from the nearest road (same walk downhill only about 30 minutes ;-) ) - the people who come to visit me here, really come because they want to see me.  The land is about one hectare in size, with (for this area) a relatively large old stone house (we’re just restoring some walls) – with a terrace, a large overgrown vegetable garden and forest. My tomcat is on cloud nine and another half-wild cat has also settled in my home with her ​​two babies – well, as I said, it is simply the absolute gorgeousness!
So, what’s next? I’ve to carry all my stuff up the hill and install a satellite dish for internet and telephone connection (solar electricity I fixed already). Right now I am clearing the long time unoccupied house and just make everything temporarily habitable. Also, I urgently need to take care for the garden (little bit late in the year), so that I can harvest my own vegetables and enough for stockpilling in wintertime. Wild vegetables and salads are already now plenty of it – chestnuts, oaks and wild fruit trees are also abundant.

Yes, things are progressing! Wow, I’m so blissed out! Here’s enough space for a lot more people! And if anyone of you wants to visit me here, write me! :-)

By for now and till the next time (hopefully with photos!), your blissful Lucca

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